Our company in a nutshell

InfoTech Worldwide, Inc. has web applications for all needs, including all programming with web design services, domain purchasing and management, classes and software for needs of the community locally, nationally, and internationally. From web development to educational training, InfoTech Worldwide specializes in technology applications and a wide variety of training for educational applications, including development in all lines of business and educational endeavors. InfoTech has a full-line of hosting and website optimization capabilities.

Types of Businesses and Industries Served Include: -School Districts and Other Educational Facilities

-Retail Merchants Online
-Food Service Industry
-Banking Services Industry
-Healthcare Services Industry
-Real Estate Professionals and Industry
-Construction Industry
-Generic Sales and Management
-Supply Chain Management
-Non-Profit Fundraising
The Arts



Sarah Russell
Director of Projects
"... We are constantly improving our capabilities and adding new technologies to expand our clients' ability to be seen on the web and to experience growth in new markets ..."