Instructional Media and Instructional Design

We are dedicated to providing the customized educational products that are needed for each corporate or industrial application. Each application which is customized presents clients with the help they need in varied training situations. Each online product functions through a variety of systems and is usable anywhere, any time.

Human Resource Departments have varied training needs. New employee training such as onboarding products, which outline specific expectations for meeting employee expectations can be easily and thoroughly disiminated through online products. OSHA regulations for human resource departments are part of the typical educational curriculum needed by clients who are seeking to hold employees accountable for their actions. InfoTech also provides English and Spanish versions of typical employee handbooks, which can be customized and put into an online format. Video, Compact Disc, and DVDs are also part of standard production venues.


Sarah Russell
Director of Projects
"... On the grander scale, the more preparation that can be done for perpetual training projects, the greater the ability of your staff to adequately train personnel with seamless ease ..."

Customize Your Educational Products
Our sales and instructional design departments will be happy to help you with your customized educational products. InfoTech will provide all non-disclosure agreements to insure your company's privacy and protect any proprietary information.