School Districts and Universities

School districts and universities across the United States need immediate, continuous and professional assistance in the area of training limited English proficient students. Student populations have shifted in many regions of the United States to have incorporated large numbers of foreign students who have come into school districts and must be served with quality, effective teaching in sometimes extremely difficult settings for all parties involved.

The InfoPortal provides quality online training to school districts and universities seeking to implement language development for English language proficiency development in English as a Second Language and traditional English programs, where traditional methodology in language learning has broken down. With particular emphasis on ability testing, exemplified by testing to be in compliance with United States federal guidelines, such as "No Child Left Behind," Our teams have been providing solutions for language training for over twenty years.



Sarah Russell
Director of Projects
"... As we are launching our new set of educational projects, we want our clients to understand that the demographics of student populations in the U.S. is a constantly changing proposition--one that becomes very difficult for both school administrators and teachers who want to encourage their students and remove all the roadblocks for them in the learning process. We, at InfoTech Worldwide, can help in this process ..."

What is the answer to this ever growing problem?