Our Individual Clients: Coming Soon to a Computer Near You...

If you need to study a certain subject quickly in a professionally organized manner, InfoTech Worldwide, Inc. wants to help you. For that reason we are now developing individual classes which will facilitate quick and easy learning for wherever you are--Spain, Alaska, or Katmandu. We are currently formatting our class schedule with Portal Launch for individuals in September 2012.

Types of Businesses and Industries Served Include:
Foreign and English Language Application
Food Service Industry
Banking Services Industry
Healthcare Services Industry
Real Estate Professionals
Construction Industry
Generic Sales and Management
Supply Chain Management
Non-Profit Fundraising



Sarah Russell
Director of Projects
"... Many times individuals just need the ability to work on learning with a specific goal on their own time at their convenience. Perhaps for a busy mom, its when the children are asleep, for the businessman when he can finally get out in the fresh air, and for children as they need individual help with certain subject matter. InfoTech has launched its Learning Portal System for individuals in 2015. Please keep in touch for updates ..."